I find it funny that no one except Lovejoy noticed Jack had taken off his jacket and shoes

merycce asked: How many things related to Titanic do you have? When I say things, I mean books, the ost, dvds or souvenirs. Thank you! I really like your account, is simply great!!

Oh wow! I have so much stuff i’ve collected over the years! This is a long list but… Movie wise, I don’t have any HotO replicas or anything (I was never keen on it), but I do have a swim dress replica although I don’t think it fits me anymore. I’ve got several copies of the original soundtracks (first one and Back to Titanic) on tape (omg i’m old), CD & MP3 and the recent special edition. I’ve got about four copies on VHS (my first copy was an ex-rental so I bought a new one eventually and also got another one with a box set and another copy in Spanish. I’ve got another two copies on DVDs, one of the old ones that was 2 discs, one that is just one disc and I’ve also got the 4 disc special edition box set. I’ve got some box set thing I got years ago (can’t remember where, probably Belfast) that had the vhs copy along with a replica of the drawing, a replica of the note Rose wrote to Cal and film cells of the walk&talk/deck scene. Also got film cells from the not without you scene and the jump scene. I’ve got a music box that plays ‘Rose’. About 5 million posters and postcards, badges, fridge magnets etc I’ve got a wallet I found with Jack & Rose on it lol. Books, i’ve got the Ed W Marsh book, Titanic and the making of James Cameron (which is excellent btw, lots of behind the scenes stuff), Titanic BFI Modern Classics (also excellent), Titanic: Anatomy of a blockbuster, Copy of the screenplay signed by James Cameron & Kathy Bates, The Illustrated Screenplay..

As for the Real Titanic stuff - I have got so much that i’ve collected over the years (and am still collecting) that I couldn’t possibly begin to name them all lol