Anonymous asked: Hey, I was thinking about buying the 4-disc collectors dvd, do you recommand it or know people who have it? Thanks :) x

I highly recommend it. I have it myself!

Anonymous asked: It makes me so mad when people say "Rose let go". If they understood the movie, they'd know she didn't mean physically but emotionally.

Yep. Only reason i’m not making this confession is because so many people have said the same thing. But you’re right and it boggles my mind that so many people call this movie “stupid” yet simultaneously failed to understand a pretty simple concept like that lol.

Anonymous asked: All right, so this has been eating away me for sometime, and hopefully you know: Rose says that one of the first class passenger's wife (I forget his name) Madeline is in "delicate condition" and is trying to hide it. I always assumed that meant she was pregnant, but if she is, why is she trying to hide it? Or is this just an assumption I made up?

Yes, you are correct, Madeleine Astor was pregnant. The reason she was trying to “hide” it? Well, the man Madeleine Astor had just married was John Jacob Astor (one of the richest people in the world and for all intents and purposes, a ‘celebrity’ at the time). Both the upper classes and the press at the time thrived on gossip (not all that different to today!) and John Jacob Astor & Madeleine’s relationship was somewhat of a scandal. JJ had divorced his first wife a few years earlier and has began courting Madeleine only a short while afterwards (They were married by 1911). This in itself was a bit of a scandal as divorce was still very much looked down upon and there was debate as to whether a divorced person should be allowed to remarry but what made it worse was the age difference between them. John Jacob Astor was 47, Madeleine, 18 at the time of the sinking. During their courtship and short-lived marriage, the press followed them everywhere and their relationship was the subject of much opposition.

I suppose, in a way, the reason for doing their best to keep the pregnancy under wraps as much as possible was for much the same reason a lot of celebrities do today; to avoid further gossip and speculation. They both had a difficult enough time as it is being ‘accepted’ in the upper classes as it was, let alone the scandal of Madeleine being pregnant.

Titanic Live

Just a little reminder for those in London or who are able to get to London…

Anonymous asked: Just to let you know people do care about your confessions, I know I do :)

Thank you, although i’m a little concerned people still think these are my own personal confessions/opinions. You guys submit your confessions, I just make the graphics!

So, it should be me saying I care about your confessions, which is why I set up this blog <3

Anonymous asked: To your confession about feeling like Rose, dont feel silly! This past year I was trapped in a group that was just like 1st class, they partied and were rich and stuck up, and tried to force me to be someone I wasn't. I felt like Rose because no one cared, I felt like her right before she tried to jump off the boat. But then I met a blonde haired blue eyed boy who saved me. People didn't want me to be with him. I did it anyways. I fought and won and I'm free and happy. He is my Jack Dawson =]