I’m commenting on everyone’s confession today (sorry if it’s getting annoying, I can’t help myself).

You have been pretty lucky. I think the movie fandom, for the most part, is very polite. But the real ship? Eeeesh. I’ve had some pretty awful experiences with certain people over the years. I think anyone here that’s been active in History/Titanic circles for the last 15 years or so probably knows the people/places i’m talking about lol.

itsbrittanybutler said: James Cameron’s wasn’t supposed to be some 100000% historically accurate account to begin with, though…

No Titanic movie is supposed to be completely accurate. They are movies. But in fairness, Cameron did kick up a very big fuss about his movie being the “most accurate” which it really wasn’t. I think that’s what really pisses people off.

I think it’s fair to say ANTR got far more right than Cameron’s movie did. But Cameron’s movie also got things right that ANTR didn’t.

Another similarity between the two films is the way they both take stories and legends from the disaster and kind of give them to different characters the audience has already been introduced to rather than who those stories actually belong to.

I will say though that, personally, I cannot STAND the portrayal of Thomas Andrews in ANTR. It’s easily my least favourite portrayal of all the Titanic movies.