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Anonymous asked: I know that the blame for the disaster probably should not be put completely onto one individual, however I cannot help but blame Ismay for everything. Look at his involvement with the design and the fact he encouraged Captain Smith to speed ahead. I realise that going full speed ahead and having less lifeboats was commonplace at the time, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. It especially angers me when people blame the builders and not him.

Have to jump in on this one.

It is my understanding that as far as encouraging Captain Smith to speed up, there has never been any strong evidence.  And even if he had, it’s unlikely an experienced Captain such as Smith would have been so easily swayed. That doesn’t mean to say it definitely didn’t happen but it’s pretty unlikely IMO.

As for the lifeboats, I think Ismay got the brunt of the criticism at the time (and since). Saying it’s better safe than sorry is an argument you could raise over the crash of flight MH17 recently. These sort of decisions are made all the time (and continue to be) but are usually made when the likelihood of danger is pretty low (MH17 was shot down but how many major commerical airlines fly over war zones every single day without incident [mainly as in ordinary circumstances, a commercial liner would be too high to be in danger], including that particular area on that day - a different major airline flew that exact path only two minutes before MH17 was hit). I think the decision about Titanic’s lifeboats was made in the same way. The probability of a liner that size being involved in an incident that created that much damage and caused the ship to sink that quickly, without any other ships nearby to help (or at least able to get there quickly enough) was so, so low. In hindsight, it seems ludicrous not to at least attempt to prepare for the worst case scenario but when it has never happened, it’s difficult to imagine it would. I do not think Ismay can take the blame for an entire industry’s attitude pre-disaster, particularly when that way of working is still evident in the transport industry today.

It’s also worth noting that even if Titanic had had lifeboats for everyone on board, it’s likely more or less the same amount of people would have perished as there simply was not enough time to even lower all the boats they did have properly (the last two were washed off the deck).

Perhaps it’s controversial to say it but in my opinion, I do not think Ismay can really shoulder the blame. He was one man, who perhaps should not have got on a lifeboat but I certainly don’t see how he could really be blamed for a disaster that involved so many factors. To blame one person or one action simplifies the disaster to a huge extent.

IMO, the blame for the Titanic disaster cannot be shouldered by any one individual (or group). Too many factors played a part in the collision, the damage she suffered, how quickly she sank, how the lifeboats were lowered and how many were saved. Obviously, at the end of the day the responsibility has to fall on the Captain’s shoulders but responsibility is very different to blame. Hindsight is 20/20 and we must remember that.

But that’s just my opinion, I guess. But I felt I had to say that :)

Instagram Account Update

Just an update for you all,

From now on, any confessions made for the Instagram account will have “titanic-confessions | Instagram” on them. I’m more than happy for the account to continue so long as that is the case.

I have also given the owner permission to post my confessions from now on (my name has been added to the bio to that effect).

Basically: we are two different sites, with two different owners but are essentially working as ‘affiliates’. If a confession has the word ‘tumblr’ on it, it is from this site and made by me. If it has ‘instagram’ on it, it is from the instagram account and made by Alice.

Thank you again to all who kept me up to date with the situation and I hope that this way, everyone still gets to enjoy the confessions and talk about Titanic :)